Why You Need Credit Repair Services

  • It can be complicated to correct credit-report errors yourself
  • A higher credit score can mean a much lower rate on a mortgage loan
  • A repaired credit rating can make it easier to obtain auto financing
  • Without expert help, employer credit checks can count you out of a job
  • The nuances of credit law can be unclear to all but a qualified expert

The Credit People Reviews

The Credit People Review

  • Multiple Credit Repair Services
  • Consultants Are Credit-Law Experts
  • Advice on Credit Maintenance
  • Provides Free Credit Reports
  • Six-Months Plan Costs $299.99

The Credit People Reviews

Formerly known as DSI Solutions, the Credit People has been offering comprehensive credit repair solutions since 2001. Thanks to its track record, it has been mentioned in the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money and USA Today. What makes the Credit People so exceptional is that everyone on the team is fully trained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and the Fair Debts Collections Practices Act. And as a result, everyone on the team knows exactly how to deal with argumentative creditors and credit agencies.

The Credit People is an Excellent Service

The Credit People’s team of specialists works with you to devise a strong plan of action designed to permanently remove negative items from your credit report. The types of items that can be removed include late payments, foreclosures, repossessions, closed accounts, negative settlements, collections, charge-offs and even bankruptcies. The team also empowers you with the tools and training to ensure that once your credit is restored, it remains in good condition for the rest of your life.

What Makes The Credit People Special

With its technologically advanced credit repair system, The Credit People uses an algorithm to easily navigate the numerous factors behind credit scores. The result is many happy customers whose scores have risen dramatically. If your score doesn’t improve within six months, The Credit People will give you a 100 percent refund and an additional $50 back.

What Does The Credit People Cost?

The Credit People offers a different pricing arrangement from most credit repair companies. Other companies usually charge an upfront fee and then an ongoing monthly fee, but The Credit People charges $299.99 for six months of service, along with a one-time $19.99 setup fee. The goal, of course, is to fully resolve your case within that time frame. Copies of your credit reports are free.

Service and Help

Consumers can receive help from the Consumer People by phone or email. Note also that the company’s website contains a variety of other useful resources such as articles and blog posts. You can also log in to your online dashboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week to track the team’s progress on your case.

Final Review of The Credit People

The Credit People’s services are clearly a worthwhile investment for those who need help with their credit but prefer not to get into an endless month-to-month relationship with a traditional credit repair company. It’s a simple six-month program with no bells and whistles, except, of course, for the spectacular back-end work that’s done to clean up your credit report. The Credit People Reviews found on this site will help you make a choice that is best for you.

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The Credit People Reviews, 8.5 out of 10 based on 1196 ratings

24 Responses to “The Credit People Reviews”

  1. Jilly Train says:

    I learned about The Credit People through an old friend. There is nothing that can stop me now that I have the most knowledgeable team on my side for financial decisions and improving my credit score.

  2. Beth Tilsner says:

    Your first phone call with The Credit People is totally free, which means there’s no reason to skip the call. I did that and I could tell The Credit People was the right tool to help me get my debt under control.

  3. Brody Lichstein says:

    The Credit People was the first company I read about when looking into credit repair companies, but I figured they were as good as any so I went with them. At the time I didn’t realize so many companies do the same thing but I honestly believe no one does it like The Credit People. They take the time to explain everything you need to do in order to get your credit score in good standing. I like knowing what is happening with my payments and credit report and these people are patient enough to answer any questions with ease. This goes a long way with me and I appreciate their hard work.

  4. Johnny Toya says:

    I wasn’t really one to pay for services like those from The Credit People because I felt that money would be better spent towards my debt. Wrong! If you are looking for a solid way to make your debt a thing of the past, it’s time to consult with The Credit People.

  5. Alexandra Yim says:

    There are so many credit repair companies to choose from out there. If you’ve started the research process you know it’s infinite and I am here to say I’ve done the work for you. I chose The Credit People based on reviews and the variety of services they offer. I am thrilled The Credit People was able to take my debt repair to the next level. After paying down about $4,000 of debt on my own, I thought now was the time to turn to The Credit People for debt repair that was long term. I am well on my way and feel confident in my financial decisions.

  6. Ina Farmsmith says:

    I have been trying to get my credit under control for years but it just wouldn’t click. The Credit People helped me see everything out in the open and I’m thankful for it. These people actually care.

  7. Gene Barbaro says:

    There are times when you may think that your credit score is going to remain dinged forever, but don’t let this get you down. Don’t believe this to be true. You should instead look into the benefits of dealing with a company like The Credit People. I did this and it was only a few months before things started to look better. Now, I feel good about the future because I know I am being told what to do by a company that has a high level of experience in this industry.

  8. Deepak Dealer says:

    It is hard to imagine a situation in which your credit score would be as bad as mine. If The Credit People is able to help me out, they should be able to do the same with you. Trust me, they know their stuff.

  9. Eric Blinn says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m just working to break even, but I am never able to catch up with my bills and see that awesome zero balance I like to see. I started using The Credit People after they were recommended to me by a co-worker. I really love how easy it is to sign up and get started. The consultation was great and you can tell that the people at The Credit People genuinely care about what they do. My rep seemed very concerned about my situation and I was glad to finally have some guidance in this arena. It is very difficult to stop the cycle of credit card debt and sometimes it feels like an endless black hole that I would never get out of. With The Credit People I have already seen vast improvements to my credit and I know my score will be where I want it to be when it’s time for me to buy a car next year. The Credit People is the real deal and if you’re going to sign up with any credit repair company, make it The Credit People because they know how to handle any type of credit – even a mess like me! It is well worth your time to invest in yourself. I am so happy I took this step when I did.

  10. Gena Mira says:

    I moved in with my partner about eight months ago. During that time both of us have worked on cleaning up our credit reports. It has been difficult to buckle down and save money because neither of us are used to saying no to things we want. The Credit People was great with both of our financial situations which are very different. I had a lot of credit card debt, while my partner struggled with debt from a vehicle that he co-signed for a relative. The Credit People helped both of us and we are about six months from being debt free if everything goes according to plan.

  11. Gary Warner says:

    The Credit People made it possible for me to put a deposit on a new car. My old vehicle quit on me, and I needed down payment money right away. After completing some basic info, The Credit People approved my loan and got me back on the road.

  12. Brianna Balsam says:

    I needed an advance on my paycheck, and The Credit People came to my rescue. I have abysmal credit, so I was worried I wouldn’t get approved. But I did, with no stress or headache. Thanks, The Credit People!

  13. Paul R. Bettencourt says:

    I was a little apprehensive about using a payday loan service. I called The Credit People to ask a lot of questions, and they were very patient and helpful with me. My loan was approved before I knew it!

  14. Kristy Favela says:

    I messed up my credit score when I was young. I thought it’d never be repaired until I discovered the Credit People’s credit repair service. IF you made mistakes as a kid, then sign up with the Credit People. I promise that they’ll take care of you!

  15. Antonia Counter says:

    I signed up for the Credit People’s credit repair service about 6 months ago and my credit score has shot up at an amazingly fast speed since then! It’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the results as year from now!

  16. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    For the longest time, I was so embarrassed about the state of my financial affairs that I just kept it to myself. Every day, I quietly suffered, stressing about how I was going to make my monthly rental payment, how I was going to pay my phone bill and how I was going to keep the lights on! And all these worries came on top of just ignoring the fact that my credit card was just piling up month after month after month. One day, I just broke down and threw my hands up. I couldn’t do this alone anymore and I decided to get help. That day, I called The Credit People and that was day everything changed. The Credit People’s knowledgeable and friendly customer support team made me feel like I did not have to be embarrassed anymore and that I did the right thing by calling. They worked with the credit bureaus to limit my payments and in some cases, were even able to get some debts completely discharged! Today, looking back, I’m only embarrassed that I didn’t call for The Credit People’s credit repair services sooner. Don’t let your debt pile up out of embarrassment like I did. There are qualified people who can help and The Credit People employs a lot of those people.

  17. Stefan Petkovic says:

    I was looking into filing bankruptcy before I made my first call to The Credit People. I am sure glad I made that call. I soon realized that The Credit People’s credit repair services could help me greatly and I wouldn’t have to worry about having a bankruptcy follow me around for 7 years!

  18. Rita French says:

    If you need help with your credit score, call the team at The Credit People. They can help you get back to the top, and they’ll do it with you, so you learn everything you need to keep yourself on track in the future.

  19. Kathleen Stanley says:

    If you have a few blemishes on your credit report, consider calling The Credit People for help. They work for you to restore your credit score and can produce amazing results in a short period of time.

  20. Jed Mczeal says:

    This is the first online review I have ever written. I have never written one before because I was never pleased with any company. They all sucked! Regardless, I signed up with The Credit People a little over a month ago. Since that time, my score has skyrocketed by 100 points! I went from the low 400s to the low 500s, and I still have months left to go. I plan to stick it out until I hit the 700s. Anyway. I guess I got to do it. This die-hard cynic admits that The Credit People genuinely works. They do great work! Who knew it would be this easy?

  21. Saul Schneider says:

    My wife of 12 years left and my credit has suffered ever since. I didn’t know it would be as easy as calling the friendly people at The Credit People to help get me on the right path.

  22. Herman Newman says:

    I knew my credit report would be bad, but I didn’t realize it would be that bad. Thanks to The Credit People I am on my way to fixing my credit to the way it should have been.

  23. Lois Torres says:

    Bad things happen to good people, and I was one of them. After years of struggling with my credit score, I turned to The Credit People and they helped me fix my problems. You do not have to have bad credit forever.

  24. Michelle Kidd says:

    I was reluctant to get involved with a credit repair company, but I had to do something drastic to help out my poor credit. Boy, was I surprised by The Credit People! Now my credit is better than ever.

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