Why You Need Credit Repair Services

  • It can be complicated to correct credit-report errors yourself
  • A higher credit score can mean a much lower rate on a mortgage loan
  • A repaired credit rating can make it easier to obtain auto financing
  • Without expert help, employer credit checks can count you out of a job
  • The nuances of credit law can be unclear to all but a qualified expert

CreditRepair.com Reviews

CreditRepair.com Review

  • Help With Both Cleanup, Maintenance
  • Offers a Fully Personalized Plan
  • Broad Range of Legal Training
  • Score Tracking and Analysis Included
  • $89.95 a Month Until Credit is Clean

CreditRepair.com Reviews

In business for over 15 years, CreditRepair.com is outfitted with top-notch attorneys well-trained in the art of credit repair. Over the years, the company has helped thousands of consumers across the United States to not only improve their credit scores but also to learn how to properly manage their credit. CreditRepair.com holds an impressive A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

CreditRepair.com is a Quality Service

CreditRepair.com excels because it provides so many credit repair services. Its attorneys are trained to do more than just deal with inaccurate credit information. They are also trained to have charge-offs, bankruptcies and late payments removed, to have unauthorized inquiries challenged, and to deal with identity theft issues. The company also provides many training resources to ensure that once your credit is fixed, it remains in good standing.

Why CreditRepair.com is Special

The key benefit of CreditRepair.com is its personalized approach to consumer problems. Once you sign up, you’re assigned an agent who pulls up your credit reports and works with you to establish a plan. The agent then begins to communicate with the credit bureaus and any relevant creditors. The goal is to slowly but surely have every negative item on your credit report permanently removed.

What Does CreditRepair.com Cost?

CreditRepair.com does not charge an initial fee. Instead, you pay $89.95 per month until your credit is fully cleaned and repaired. Note also that this monthly fee comes with additional services such as credit monitoring, score tracking and analysis, and text and email alerts. The goal is to show you how to become more proactive about monitoring and maintaining your credit.

Support and Help

CreditRepair.com offers phone and email support seven days a week from the hours of 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time. And the website features a wealth of articles aimed at maintaining your credit, with such topics as how to use credit cards wisely, how to avoid foreclosure and how to consolidate your debt.

Final Review of CreditRepair.com

CreditRepair.com offers a high-quality and personalized credit repair process great for anybody who needs help fixing his or her credit. It can take a few months to a year to clean up credit problems, depending on how many items need to be addressed, but you can rest assured that the agent assigned to you will walk you through the process from beginning to end. And the attorneys at CreditRepair.com have been trained to give clients the best possible chance of obtaining clean credit records. These creditrepair.com reviews will help you choose this great company.

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CreditRepair.com Reviews, 8.7 out of 10 based on 1557 ratings

32 Responses to “CreditRepair.com Reviews”

  1. Plum Foster says:

    creditrepair.com is the best company you can choose for debt relief. I can’t believe how nice they are when you call and it isn’t just about repairing your credit, but also teaching you what to do for the future to avoid debt. Thanks!

  2. Janna Lauder says:

    I like that the people at creditrepair.com take the time to explain your options. Debt is a struggle for anyone but understanding your options is imperative for your success. creditrepair.com makes sure that happens.

  3. Ollie Besta says:

    I love that creditrepair.com is getting such awesome reviews! I have used them for a little over a year and the relationship is going strong. The most important thing with credit repair is you understand the process and you have the tools to avoid the situation in the future. creditrepair.com has both of these things down pat for clients and they are very nice in the process. Customer service is their middle name, so if you are someone who wants to feel part of the credit repair process, creditrepair.com is the place for you. They do right by their customers!

  4. Talissa Rellie says:

    I am using creditrepair.com to help my credit score. I am tired of dealing with my debt alone and it is frustrating. I read about creditrepair.com in a magazine and it is making me understand my money and debt better than ever before.

  5. Olivia Li says:

    Wow! That’s the first thing I have to say about creditrepair.com. These people are dedicated to their job and know how to make clients feel important. I used another credit repair company three years ago. They were such a nightmare to deal with, I stopped after four months and it ended up being a total waste of money because my credit score didn’t improve and I was out the money I owed them. Since then, I dedicated myself to my cause and started doing my own research. There are a lot of free online resources for people in debt but nothing compares with creditrepair.com. These people are experts in their field and they are all trained to help you better your credit score. There is something to be said for people who are proactive on their own, but at some point creditrepair.com will be the best bet to negotiate lower interest which means fewer payments overall on your end. It’s money well spent, trust me. I am so happy I decided to invest in creditrepair.com because I know it means I will be out of debt faster and when that happens, my credit score will look fabulous enough for a new car.

  6. Dennis Epstein says:

    I am thoroughly pleased with Creditrepair.com. These people make you feel like they really care about your situation and I know I would not have moved along as quickly paying down my debt without them.

  7. Roberto Gutierrez says:

    I was very happy to learn my credit score climbed over 100 points within the first three months of working with Creditrepair.com. I had debt, but I also had several errors on my credit report. Creditrepair.com helped me take care of those with ease and they helped me get ahold of my debt. I no longer have to worry that I am not doing what I should when it comes to my finances. This is such a huge relief and makes me feel so much more confident in my life. This is a very honest company worth working with for credit repair.

  8. Victor Chase says:

    There are so many people I worked with within Creditrepair.com to thank for pulling me out of debt. I know I did the work, but these people helped me all along the way. I was holding a lot of stress and anger from the crazy amount of debt I accumulated towards the end of undergrad and throughout grad school. I currently have a job that pays well, but not well enough to catch up to the enormous pile of debt I was dealing with. Without creditrepair.com there is no way I would have found a way to get this debt under control. I also like that they take the time to tell you what to do if you are in this situation again and the best way to handle debt collectors. Creditrepair.com is a great company and I can’t say enough awesome things about them. They are quality people who are committed to their job of helping you with debt and repairing your credit report. A credit report is very important in this day and age and with Creditrepair.com you can be sure yours looks great. There is no reason to deal with a lousy credit score when Creditrepair.com is ready to help you. I am serious – make the call!

  9. Phil Micker says:

    When you go online to learn more about credit repair you are going to be bogged down with so much information and advice that you may not know what to do next. While this is expected to a certain degree, it is good to know that you can make decisions for the better if you put your mind to it. I had to take the time to learn more about creditrepair.com and all that they offer. I was reading about them online, and found out soon enough that they were among the best in the industry. After one phone call, I was ready to see more. They talked to me about what they could do, what I should avoid, and how to make life easier as we moved forward. There is a lot that goes into the credit repair process, but creditrepair.com knows the ins and outs. They know the finer details, and that is what matters most. As long as you give them the chance to help you out, it will not be long before you are in the same position as me – a better one!

  10. Craig Mullins says:

    The cost of bad credit was holding me back in many ways. This is why I contacted creditrepair.com, begging them for help. It was only a few months until things started to look better for me and my wife.

  11. Sarah Yelland says:

    I did a lot of research before deciding on Creditrepair.com. They are the most professional payday loan company out there, and my dealings with them have exceeded my expectations. Do not hesitate to trust them with your financial needs.

  12. Elsa Reid says:

    Credit repair is such a pain in the butt, but it seriously matters when you go to apply for home or to buy a car. This was my situation and I needed to clean up my credit ASAP. Creditrepair.com was the company I kept reading about on numerous financial blogs and websites. I am not one to save my money which is why Creditrepair.com was the answer to my prayers. I love that Creditrepair.com listens to your individual situation and creates a plan according to that. That means they really care about your finances and are committed to helping their customers.

  13. Tina Smith says:

    I had my own business for seven years. After the economy took a turn for the worst, so did my business and I decided to close up shop. However the toll of owning a company had already given my credit score a severe hit. I learned of Creditrepair.com online through a financial blogger. I felt it was reputable because in the comments section of the blog there were tons of positive comments from real people who’d used Creditrepair.com to get out of credit card debt. I called one afternoon just to hear their story and I knew it was the right company to help me out of debt. Creditrepair.com is packed with knowledgeable, kind people who are experienced with credit card repair and want to help you out. It isn’t easy to talk to someone about your financial problems or where things went wrong, but Creditrepair.com does a great job of making you feel comfortable and most importantly making you feel confident about your financial future. For me, calling Creditrepair.com was the best financial decision I’d made in years and now I am back on track and thankful for it. Creditrepair.com can help you reach your financial goals if you’re ready to do the work.

  14. Wanda Michaelson says:

    I needed a payday loan to cover the cost of an unexpected doctor visit. creditrepair.com helped me get the money I needed, quickly and without difficulty. Repayment has been easy and hassle-free. Would definitely recommend!

  15. Antonio Gutierrez says:

    My paycheck was practically gone before I got it, so I had to get a loan. It was really easy to use creditrepair.com. The forms were easy to understand, and the repayment terms are more than fair. Awesome service.

  16. Chanda Goodenough says:

    creditrepair.com provides a credit repair service for getting rid of problems on your credit report. Mine was plagued with them! Well, not anymore! It’s been a 3-year struggle, but I’m completely clear and ready to buy a car. WOOT WOOT!

  17. Ardith Dake says:

    My spouse’s credit wasn’t good, and so we got turned down when we applied for an apartment. We were literally on the verge of being homeless. I didn’t know what to do, so I started doing research at the library and found creditrepair.com. I called them up right away and begged them to help. Well, the Internet did not steer me wrong! I made a quick payment and then my representative got to work right away. It literally took only 48 hours for them to clear the single stupid fraudulent transaction on my account. And voila, we got the apartment! You guys are seriously a LIFE SAVER!!!!! KUDOS!!!

  18. Wesley Anthony says:

    I went into the whole credit repair services thing thinking it would be either a hassle or a huge waste of time. But Creditrepair.com made me see that it was neither. You really can’t complain when 4 negative items are removed from your report in just 2 months.

  19. Amy Ritter says:

    Like millions of other Americans, I came to a point in my life where I found myself absolutely buried in credit card debt. I had no idea how I was going to get myself out of it until I called Creditrepair.com. Their process was simple, easy and affordable. I went online and set up my case by entering my personal information and information about the debt I owed. I was then contact by a member of their staff who went over with me in detail just how they were going to approach my case. I never felt like I was being pushed and pulled, but felt like I was part of the team, working to better my state of financial affairs. I never thought that I’d truly get a handle on my budget until I contacted Creditrepair.com. I especially liked that they offered several different paths and allowed me to choose how I wanted to proceed. They laid everything out on the table, but I was in charge of how my debt was to be tackled. Being a part of the resolution team was especially rewarding and I recommend that anyone in my situation contact Creditrepair.com as soon as possible so you can take control of your life back.

  20. Terry Dio says:

    Creditrepair.com is an incredible company. They first told me to give them about 12 months before I started to see results but I saw 3 deletions from my credit report in just 4 months. I was blown away. I would refer anyone to Creditrepair.com.

  21. Dora Tucker says:

    I got really sick and had no insurance. The medical bills destroyed my credit. Thankfully, with the help of Creditrepair.com credit repair services, I was able to manage the debt and regain my excellent credit score.

    • Jim Smith says:

      When I first contacted creditrepair.com, it was hard for me to believe that they would be able to offer somebody in my position so much help. But after a couple of phone calls, it was simple to see that they were just what I needed. The team at creditrepair.com was able to point me towards the light. They were able to help me get my credit on the road to recovery. It can be a challenge at times to fix your credit, but this is not impossible. Just make sure you get help and everything will fall into place.

  22. Lora Boone says:

    It never pays to have a bad credit score. When I realized just how bad mine was, I decided it was time to make a change. I found Creditrepair.com and my life changed, for the better, forever.

  23. Alfredo Roy says:

    A good credit score is worth its weight in gold. When I pulled my credit report and saw how low my score was, I decided to work with Creditrepair.com to change that. Six months later I am well on my way.

  24. Antonia Counter says:

    I signed up for CreditRepair.com’s credit repair service about 6 months ago and my credit score has shot up at an amazingly fast speed since then! It’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the results as year from now!

  25. Wilson Michaud says:

    The CreditRepair.com credit repair service company removed a whopping 47 items and my credit score shot up by 200 points! Just like that! Here’s a little tip I learned from CreditRepair.com: creditors are not allowed to report the same debt multiple times!

  26. Cristina Soto says:

    As a single mom it’s hard to get by. Thanks to Creditrepair.com I was able to fix my credit score and I was able to purchase a home for my son and I to make memories in!

  27. Aliza Mcomber says:

    I signed up for Creditrepair.com’s credit repair service almost 2 years ago, and the results have been amazing. Each month, my credit score shoots up a little bit. I started in the low 500s and am now approaching the upper 700s. That’s amazing to me! The way it works is that agents at Creditrepair.com slowly but surely dispute all the problems (think late fees, delinquent payments, etc.) on your credit report. Mind you, it is on you to make sure you don’t create new problems! With that said, it’s best to sign up with Creditrepair.com if you’ve already developed responsible spending habits! Otherwise, it would be a waste.

  28. Mike Owen says:

    I wanted to propose to my girlfriend but my credit was so bad I couldn’t get approved for a loan. My mom suggested I talk to Creditrepair.com and now I can give her a big diamond!

  29. Kathryn Watson says:

    If you need to credit repair services, call the wonderful people at Creditrepair.com. They’ve been in business for many years and know exactly what to do to get you in good shape again. They helped me last year and I am better off than I’ve ever been before. With the number of scams out there, it can be difficult to determine which company has the best to work with. I understand why you would be skeptical, as I was too. But, after researching this company I knew they were the ones I needed to work with. Give it a shot, you will be glad you did.

  30. Jennifer Bane says:

    I have found that creditrepair.com offers outstanding service and immediate results. Several of my credit issues have been resolved, negative items have been deleted, and I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  31. Deborah Dennis says:

    I would highly recommend working with creditrepair.com if you really want to improve your financial future. I have used their services for the last two months and am really impressed so far. It is worth the price!

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