Why You Need Credit Repair Services

  • It can be complicated to correct credit-report errors yourself
  • A higher credit score can mean a much lower rate on a mortgage loan
  • A repaired credit rating can make it easier to obtain auto financing
  • Without expert help, employer credit checks can count you out of a job
  • The nuances of credit law can be unclear to all but a qualified expert

Credit Assistance Network Reviews

Credit Assistance Network Reviews

  • Dispute Process Clears up All Errors
  • Unique Plans Suit Your Situation
  • Dispute up to 45 Individual Report Items
  • Staffed Entirely by Credit Specialists
  • Programs Start at a Low $47 a Month

Credit Assistance Network Reviews

The Credit Assistance Network is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a company that handles every facet of credit repair from filing complaints with the BBB and the FTC to scanning and archiving relevant documents. The Credit Assistance Network offers assistance with almost any kind of credit-related troubles you might have. By practicing persistence and repeating the dispute process until every error is finally removed from your credit report, the company proves that it’s a true advocate for the consumer.

Credit Assistance Network is an Excellent Company

The Credit Assistance Network begins the repair process with a consultation with one of its credit experts, who conducts a thorough review of your credit report. Upon the completion of enrollment, a decision will be made about what items will be disputed. All three top credit bureaus will be mailed lists of the disputed items, and depending on their findings regarding the accuracy of those items, the Credit Assistance Network will compose and deliver dispute letters to creditors. Updated credit reports will be sent to you within 45 days, and if inaccuracies still exist, your team will restart the dispute process. And it doesn’t stop there. The process will be repeated till no errors remain. In other words, the Credit Assistance Network is a tireless defender of the rights of the consumer.

Why Credit Assistance Network Stands Out

The Credit Assistance Network takes the extra step of creditor interventions when appropriate. Interventions may take the form of goodwill letters, information requests or validation demands, and it’s a service that few other credit repair companies offer. In fact, the Credit Assistance Network is so different from other companies that it calls its product “credit improvement” instead of “credit repair” because they recognize the fact that your credit is never truly broken; rather it is something that can easily be improved.

What Does Credit Assistance Network Cost?

The monthly fees for Credit Assistance Network programs start as low as $47 and top out at $139. Because credit-related circumstances vary widely from case to case, the company develops plans based on clients’ individual needs. A free initial consultation with a credit expert will pinpoint your particular problems, and you will be given recommendations on what course to take. And if it’s determined that you are not eligible for the company’s program, you will receive guidance regarding the alternatives.

Customer Service

The Credit Assistance Network’s experts are on hand from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. eastern time on weekdays. Clients also have secure account portals that are available online around the clock. Up-to-the-minute, detailed case updates are available there, along with a forum for posting questions for the members of your team and uploading documents. The customer service provided by Credit Assistance Network is top notch!

Final Review of Credit Assistance Network

The rising rate of repossessions and foreclosures of recent years has led to the prevalence of damaged credit scores for everyday folks like you. Choose a credit repair company based on credibility and track record. The Credit Assistance Network has both. By following state and federal rules to the letter and consistently pulling down excellent grades from the Better Business Bureau, the company stands out as a trustworthy authority in an industry where authorities can’t be taken for granted. We are very happy you have taken the time to read our Credit Assistance Network Reviews.

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14 Responses to “Credit Assistance Network Reviews”

  1. Earl says:

    Credit repair companies often get a bad rap. I know most of them are unethical, but Credit Assistance Network definitely isn’t. It’s the best credit repair company I’ve ever used, hands down. I never thought I’d see an end to my debt, but I did. It never would have been possible without Credit Assistance Network. They took the reins and looked out for me. I was surprised how quickly my debt disappeared. It’s like I turned around and it was gone. They have great customer service too. Everyone is nice, friendly and courteous. I convinced several people to call them. Not one regrets it.

  2. Caleb Shiner says:

    Credit Assistance Network rocks! It’s been just 3 measly months and I’ve already had 4 delinquency deletions. One of them was a debt totaling over $5000! I still have a few months more left to go, but I’m very impressed thus far. And I really enjoy my account manager. He’s down to Earth, he’s available to talk whenever needed and he sends me periodic reports about my account one per week. Keep a lookout for me, because I plan to come back once the service is officially over. At this rate, Credit Assistance Network is bound to get one extraordinarily stellar review from me!

  3. Louie Enix says:

    Last year I ran a credit report and saw damaging items. I tried disputing them myself, but that apparently pissed off my creditor. They demanded proof and then starting bullying me with lawsuit threats. I finally had it and so hired Credit Assistance Network. Not only have the items been removed, but my credit score has shot up!

  4. Natalie Dressler says:

    I thought I’d never be able to get a credit card again, let alone buy a brand new home. WRONG! I’ve been using Credit Assistance Network’s credit repair service for only 3 months and the results have been absolutely amazing!

  5. Darren Platsky says:

    Sure, I still have a ways to go in getting my credit to where it needs to be, but I am already thrilled with the results achieved by Credit Assistance Network. My score has jumped an incredible 43 points in just 3 months all thanks to Credit Assistance Network.

  6. Crystal Smith says:

    People have said that money is the root of all evil. I couldn’t agree more. Well, maybe it’s not evil, but it certainly took a toll on my personal and professional life when it got to the point that even though I was making monthly payments, I realized I was really only paying interest. The amounts I owed on my credit cards were not getting lower. They were remaining constant and in some cases, increasing! I knew I couldn’t continue like this. I knew I need help from somewhere. That’s when I sought out a credit repair services company. I found Credit Assistance Network and boy, am I glad I did. They worked with me and for me to get my interest rates down, which in turn meant that I could actually start paying the principal down on my bills! Before I knew it, I started to see those balances decrease, something I never though I’d see! What’s more, Credit Assistance Network’s staff made me feel like I wasn’t the only one in this boat, which put me at ease. If you realize that you’re in financial trouble, call Credit Assistance Network today and get your life back.

  7. Sandra Delio says:

    I want to say “thank you, thank you, thank you” to Credit Assistance Network for offering their kindness and knowledge in connection with their credit repair services. There’s no doubt in mind that I would not have been able to achieve this success without them!

  8. Kenneth Murphy says:

    I knew I needed credit repair services, but I wasn’t sure who to work with. Since there are so many out there, I was cautious about a scam. My friend told me about Credit Assistance Network, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

  9. Elena Mack says:

    After looking at my credit report, I knew there was no way i could repair my credit without help. The great folks at Credit Assistance Network were able to help me take care of it with a long term plan.

  10. Traci Norris says:

    I have worked with multiple credit repair companies, but it wasn’t until I found with Credit Assistance Network that I actually got the results I was looking for. My credit score is up almost 200 points in the past year.

  11. Reginald Conces says:

    Credit Assistance Network provides prompt credit repair services for all sorts of credit problems, including late payments. After I signed up, it was only a matter of weeks before my record was my cleared and my credit score jumped!

  12. Shawna Clayton says:

    We have always wanted to take a cruise but weren’t ever in a financial position to make it happen. We called Credit Assistance Network and they were able to help us with 8 years of bad credit problems!

  13. Jose Sparks says:

    When I turned 18, I made some bad financial choices that wrecked my credit. Thankfully, Credit assistance networkwas able to come to my rescue and restore a good credit rating. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  14. Sydney Taylor says:

    I always thought that credit repair companies were just scams to try and get money out of people with poor credit. However, working with Credit Assistance Network to repair my own credit has proven me totally wrong.

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